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Together with our specially selected partners in taste, we are committed to introducing you to these little stylish extras and expertise that really make all the difference.

Café Lanni

You are cordially invited to take high tea on the House. You can of course also partake in the pleasures of café. For those of you who love fine, subtle flavours, we put our trust in the expert, talented hands for a local coffee house, Maison Lanni. This traditional coffee roaster, established in 1947, is renowned for selecting the finest coffee vintages, and preparing them using the finest know-how and rules: slow roasting, which ensures full, even roasting of the beans. Taking time is essential to achieve the right taste… enhanced by the comfort of our lounges. www.cafes-lanni.com

Angelina Paris

From Hôtel Récamier, you are only a short walk from this illustrious House’s patisserie, on the Rue de Bac. And it is without a doubt the best place for taking away one of its renowned Mont-Blanc pastries, or a bottle of its inimitable hot chocolate, known as the “African”. For beverages with a fruitier note, Hôtel Récamier has chosen the legendary House to supply its range of tasty citrus juices to enjoy a refreshing drink from our Bar. www.angelina-paris.fr

La Boulangerie Julien

Although we are proud of the Left Bank, we are nevertheless happy to admit that the Right Bank is home to the most historical street in the history of Parisian bakers. The Rue Saint-Honoré, thus named several centuries ago after the Patron Saint of Bakers, is is fact the legendary home to the leading master bakers. Naturally, it is also here that we select the crusty loaves that are one of the highlights of your breakfast at Hôtel Récamier. Depending on the batches of the day turned out by top baker Jean-Noël Julien, several times winner of the “City of Paris Best Baguette” prize, you will enjoy the specialities that are the tempting mainstay of any French breakfast worthy of the name: baguettes, traditional, multi-grain or sandwich loaves and, of course, chocolate croissants. Not forgetting the Viennese pastries, made with award-winning puff pastry. www.boulangeriejulien.com


Experience the Saint-Germain-des-Prés spirit and listen to it, too. Hôtel Récamier is in complete harmony with the local musical culture. As you might have noticed, Kenny Clarke is perfectly attuned to Serge Gainsbourg or Gabriel Fauré. Soothing, classical, or more psychedelic, music sets the tone at different times of the day, with a custom soundtrack compiled on the advice of Paris-based sound designers O+CO. An eclectic programme that melodiously recalls our Left Bank ties. www.oplusco.com

Ram & Row

Admittecly, the hotel is just a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg Gardens, which is the ideal place for an energetic run. And yet, if you’ve opted for one of our Talisman_club rooms, you might not feel like going out to take exercise. We can arrange for a rowing machine to be brought up to your room in no time at all. In addition to assisting you efficiently during your work-out, this fitness device is also truly aesthetic: its birch frame blends in with the room’s décor, as you burn off the calories. This attractive, highly original object was created in 2015 by French designer Patrick Saint Martin. www.ramrow.com

Entre Miel et Terre

To brighten up your mornings, we have selected honey whose lustrous golden aspect comes straight from the Vaucluse region. Or more specifically, Bonnieux, where Sylvie and Patrick Agnel and their family keep their bees and assure the quality of their various nectars. The hives are moved with great care according to season, in order to develop fully the lavender honey fragrance, the sylvan chestnut tree honey aromas, or the subtle acacia or rosemary flavours. You are sure to make a “beeline” at breakfast for these seasonal honeys chosen specially for Hôtel Récamier. Entre Miel et Terre - Rue Victor Hugo 84480 Bonnieux

Fragonard Parfumeur

From the Riviera to Paris, flowers are transformed into fragrances with a delicate trail, thanks to Maison Fragonard. The expertise of this family-run perfumery has been passed down from father to daughter since 1926. For its toiletries, Hôtel Récamier has selected the aptly named Vrai (true, genuine) range, for authentic freshness with its bergamot, basil, verbena, jasmine, thyme and iris accords. If you are fond of this light fragrance, you may also want to discover how Fragonard works it magic behind the scenes. Just a few minutes from the hotel, why not visit the Fragonard Museum, devoted exclusively to the creative secrets of this ancestral firm. A highly recommended olfactory journey. www.fragonard.com

Cire Trudon

The atmosphere at Hôtel Récamier is a fine feast for the senses. The evening light exudes a special aura here. Did you notice the candle jars in the entrance hall? At the end of the day, they light up the place with smokeless flame designed specially by one of the most prestigious candlemakers. Cire Trudon candles are unique both in terms of their history and manufacture. Since 1643, the oldest candle factory in the world has kept its production secrets in its French workshops. Once an official supplier to the Court of Napoleon I, in addition to the unique quality of its refined waxes, the factory has also developed creativity in evocative fragrances, composed by some of the greatest contemporary noses. To create an outstanding trail for refined interiors, you can also discover your very own fragrance in the Cire Trudon store, at 78 rue de Seine. Just a short walk from the hotel, the premises resemble a curiosity cabinet, to delight the senses of enlightened connoisseurs. www.trudon.com

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